What is Fairyfail?

Become an alcoholic princess or a very fat knight, build new chapters in your very own fairytail-book and race your friends in them to be the first to reach the goal


Become a Fairyfailure


The Princess

…never quite got a hold of herself after she wasn´t saved by the prince. An endless spiral of day-drinking began. She´s still trying to keep it all together but the bottle sure as hell is her best friend.

The Knight

…is the Hero who came to kill a big bad monster which threatened a small village in the kingdom. Once. And many years ago. Having finished the epic adventure and returning home as the glorified hero, makes everything afterwards feel dull and boring. The Knight lives on for years, but his story doesn't. So he finds comfort and even passion in mead and meat until his armor started streching.

The Fairy

…is fed up with the ungratefulness of the heroes. She is the eternal sidekick that never gets the recognition she deserves although the hero always makes the right decision because of her! She developed an anger problem that even the other fairies have heard of. That is why she always has to wear bells on her ankles so everybody is warned when she’s in the vicinity.

The Wizard

…made special drinks and substances for the hero or heroine as his usual business. He’s got a recipe for every alchemic substance you can imagine in his giant cookbook. BUT! Having some addicted adventurerer knocking on your door every other day, asking for some stupid wonderpotion (again!) could cause problems. Especially when you are tasting every product you create before handing it to the brave individual.

The Wizard never learnt not to drink and smoke your own products.

What People Are Saying


“It’s incredibly fun to sit down with your friends and just mess each other up in a round of Fairyfail”

— Daniel Brühl

“By far the best game in the entire universe!”

— My mom

“I also want to be a drunk princess”

— Marcel Trompeter

“Stop asking me questions. I am not writing a review for you, are you serious?”

— Elmo

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